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Risk Management

We are constantly monitoring the trading operations we handle for you.

Nothing can replace our skill, strong international trading background and reliable network.

This comparative advantage, built through the years and kept with a great care, is essential to perform in our competence field.

Our service includes an excellent know-how in international trade techniques and documentary operations management.

It is also made up with an outstanding insurance and logistics network.  


 Operation Management

The freight market is highly volatile; it requires our experience and specialized talents. This is the core of our global expertise in the international trading.

Our know-how includes:

ex-works purchase,
storage and conditioning,
vessel chartering on voyage (freight) or TC (Time Chart) basis,

Loading operations:


§inland transportation,

§customs clearance,

§port storage,

§vessel loading,



Discharge operations:

set-up of all steps to avoid demurrage (close contacts with port authorities through our local agents),In-house sub-contracted marine experts to supervise operations...